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Where To Find Cheap Skydive Jumpsuit

skydive jumpsuit

Here’s another of reader’s question that I’ll try to answer.
Jumpsuits are one of the expensive parts of the skydiving equipment. In most cases their price exceeds $100 and goes to $200 and more. There are different types of jumpsuits – for free fly, camera suits, crater suits and more.

As usual one of the possibilities to find cheap skydive jumpsuit is to look for a second hand one. Unlike other sensitive parts of the skydiving gear, the jumpsuit isn’t as strictly related to safety so it’s OK for most people to buy used.

There aren’t much places where to find used jumpsuits online – one is eBay (just now there is only 1 offer, a jumpsuit for $50).

Here is a place which discusses several companies offering used skydiving gear:

More links to used gear stores are available at DropZone and Skydive World.

As usual you can simply search the web.

You can consider buying used jumpsuit a better idea than buying very cheap new one (if we assume you find any). The new cheap jumpsuit is likely to be made in China and to have a questionable quality and non-standard size.

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  • I’m looking for a very big baggy slow fall jumpsuit. I am six foot, between 200 and 215 pounds. When I’m over 205 I will go low if I dive, just about every time.

    I’m looking for a used jump suit. I’m in Southern California, near John Wayne Airport.