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Skydiving Risks – What Are They? Can they be Limited?


Any activity that gives an intense adrenaline rush has got to have some risk associated with it. After all it is that perceived risk that leads to the adrenaline in the first place! So, what are the main skydiving risks? Well, there are a few, but there are also many ways to mitigate most of the risks. If you follow the right advice, take the right precautions and approach it all in a sensible and measured way, the risks of skydiving needn’t be any more than any other extreme sport.

The resources on this page are designed to give you all the information you need to assess the true risks or skydiving, and help you to follow all the current best practices when choosing a skydiving school. If you’ve got a question about any aspect of skydiving, and the risks involved, please let us know!