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The Cost Behind Sky Diving

skydiving cost

The thrill of skydiving is no longer left to the paratroopers and those seeking thrills. Now anyone can take the training and become a skydiver. The cost behind this hobby is minimal when you think about other hobbies. Once you have had your training and bought your equipment then you only have to pay for each trip that you want to go and do your skydiving.

Sky Diving Equipment

You are able to rent your parachute from the sky diving instructor if you only plan to do it one time and save money. Those who want to make a hobby of this sport will want to buy their own parachute. The price range for a good parachute is between $2,600 to approximately $7,000. You should remember that you do not want to trust a used parachute because you cannot return it if it does not work. You are not going to find cheap, safe, equipment when it comes to buying a parachute.

The clothes that you buy for skydiving are reasonably cheap. You can probably get a good skydiving outfit for around $100. You will need gloves and a good pair of boots that should cost you about $100 so the total cost for clothing can range from $200 to $300 for your whole outfit. You must also invest in a helmet and glasses, which could cost you approximately $300. When it comes to your equipment, you will find that your total cost for good safe equipment and clothing could range from $3,000 to $7,000.

Cost of Sky Diving

The higher you go the more it will cost you when it comes to sky diving. Most people start out at about 14,000 feet and that costs about $200. You would need to check with your training school for rates and introductory offers.

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