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Skydiving in Cars

skydiving in cars

Skydiving can be, if you’ve got the balls for it, unbelievably exhilarating. Most people are too scared to even consider jumping out of a plane at 100 ft, never mind 5,000 ft, so when you find out people are skydiving in cars, it makes you wonder just what these people have had for breakfast.

With that being said, then, here are some clips of the best skydiving in cars we could find. It’s an odd hobby, and it must be, presumably, quite expensive, because no car is going to survive hitting ground at terminal velocity.

Just chillin’

For when normal skydiving is just so boring and mundane; this video shows that skydiving in a car is not only a possibility but a reality, too. It’s quickly an eye-opener, as it proves that people will do anything for a buzz. Their adrenaline must be – and pardon the pun – sky- high.

Rather worryingly, however, the video doesn’t show how they landed. Did they manage to get out of the car, or did they struggle to undo their seat belt? Let’s hope it’s the former!

Death by Polo

It may only be a bit of marketing, but VW’s Polo advert from 2007 represents the world’s weird love of car skydiving. Yes, it is fake, and obviously produced in a controllable CGI environment, but it still looks really good!

If you’ve got a £14k to spend on a VW Polo and you fancy destroying it in some car skydiving, then you go and pursue that dream!

Grannie diving!

Electric scooters, you know them; they’re the mobility aids that older people tend to use when the legs are starting to rust up a little. You’ll see them in Asda, down your street and in your towns, and, surprisingly, in the sky! That’s right; somebody thought that the electric scooter should be used in a far more practical way than helping the elderly do their weekly shop, and so we were blessed with scooter kydiving.



These adrenaline-seeking young uns are too much for us old folk. They just re-define what is possible, and when you see videos like this, you realise just how insane they are. These couple of guys are putting themselves at risk just to shift the car in a different direction!

The car, thankfully, ends up in a worse state, as it hits the ground at biblical speed.

“We can’t tell you why people do stuff”

The skydivers in this clip all look so happy. They’re just chilling in a car that’s falling at hundreds of feet per second, but do they care? They’re having a ball! The car begins to rock like a bucking bronco, as the divers jump out and continue on their dive.

Surely, this type of skydiving can be made into a sport? It could be introduced at the London Olympics 2012, perhaps.

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