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Our site focuses mostly on the safety aspects of skydiving. We know that you may want to learn more and start skydiving for real. So we decided to create this skydiving resource center with links to some of the best sites about skydiving. We don’t aim to create the largest directory – instead of that we are looking to list only the must-visit resources. If you feel a great resource is missing, use the comments to suggest one.

General Skydiving Information

U.S. Parachute Association – this official site is a huge source of general information and current news and events from USA.

Skydive World is the best portal with links to other skydiving resources, just like ours here.

Top 10 Fascinating Skydiving Myths is just one page but well worth reading.

Skydiving Training

Here are few useful resources that can point you where to learn skydiving. I will not list any specific schools because I can’t recommend them without trying them.

Learn to Skydive – Dropzone’s great article will help you jump-start with skydiving.

The 7 Best Places to Skydive Around the World is a great article by Turner Wright that will give you some good ideas.

Where is the best place to go skydiving? – that’s a Yahoo answers page and the best answer is really very informative.

If you were looking for skydiving school better use the search engines – but do check forums and local groups for opinions about the school you plan to attend!

Skydiving Gear

Once again I’m not going to give you links to specific stores at least until I research them enough to be sure in their quality. Instead of that here are some good resources which will help you to buy your skydiving equipment. Of course don’t forget to check our detailed article on the topic as well.

Buying skydiving equipment for the new skydiver is an article that will answer your most important questions if you are just starting.

Of course you should also check Dropzone Skydiving Gear which offers not only good links in categories but also reviews of the equipment.

If you are ready to buy you may also check the Yahoo directory on skydiving gear and equipment.

Skydiving Discussions

You guessed right, DropZone has also a skydiving forum and it’s probably the most popular. But let’s list few other places with good discussions about skydiving.

UKSkydiver Forum is the favorite places of those who live in UK, but even if you are not there you can learn a lot from the discussions there and participate in them.

College Skydiving Forum is a relatively new place and less active but still a good one.

Skydive Safety is a small community dedicated to skydiving safety (just like this site is).

Indoor Skydiving

Once again, there are hundreds of places where you can go to try some indoor skydiving. My target is not to give you links to all of them – it wouldn’t make sense because you need one which is close to where you live. Instead of that, here are few resources where you can learn more about it:

Vertical Wind Tunnel – indoor skydiving explained in deep details in Wikipedia

How to Indoor Skydive In a Vertical Wind Tunnel – eHow’s guides usually aren’t very good, but this one is.

Other Sites of Interest

As we are building sites about other topics too, we believe you may find some of them interesting. This section will list some of these sites, even if they don’t seem too much related to skydiving.

Retro and Mechanical Toys – a site about old fashioned toys with a lot of information and pictures.

Outdoor Garden Benches – know everything about garden benches and even learn to build benches yourself.