Safe Skydiving

Does Safety In Skydiving Kill The Fun?

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Is an extreme sport no longer extreme if you play it safe? Is it no fun to jump from the plane and land alive and in good shape? Is pretending to be a hero more important than someone’s life?

I don’t think so. I have only this life.

How about you?


safe skydiving
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Safe Skydiving Is Fun

The safety requirements in skydiving in no way reduce the excitement of this sport. Jumping with a helmet, a second parachute, AAD and altimeter is not less joyful or brave. It’s just reasonable.

There are hundreds of websites which sell skydiving equipment, skydiving lessons or offer skydiving jumps. This one focuses on safety. We will help you know what to buy, when and how to jump and where to learn skydiving so you can follow your dreams and be cool. Safe and cool.

So Can Skydiving Be Safe?

I dare to say yes. Skydiving is as safe as the other so called extreme sports. It’s not like playing Doom on your PC neither like watching skydivers on TV, but if you are driving a car or bike, you are likely to be exposed to higher risks.

Of course the different disciplines in skydiving involve different kind of risks – for example Wingsuit Base Jumping is kind of crazy thing while indoor skydiving is OK even for kids. Read this site an you’ll be able to choose.

How To Skydive and How To Have Fun

These and more questions are answered across the pages here. For what I don’t know, I’ll try to give you links that will help you learn. If you have something to share or ask, we’ll be here to listen and answer.

Safe skydiving is an exciting and spectacular way to touch the sky and feel like a bird. Do you want to try it? It takes a little reading, a little trying and a bit of courage. Since you are already here, I bet you are prepared for all the three.