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Parachuting with high blood pressure?

high blood pressure

People often arrive at the site asking can you do a skydive if you have high blood pressure.

People with high blood pressure along with most other heart diseases are not recommended to skydive. In fact many dropzones will not allow you to do it at all. You should definitely ask the instructors in the dropzone and not try to hide your health problem from them.

One of the reasons is that skydiving jumps is quite an exciting experience and too much excitement is usually something that people with high blood pressure should avoid.

Another serious reason is that oxygen deprivation affect seriously such people. And oxygen deprivation happens often on jumps over 10, 000ft.

Finally, parachuting is an extreme sport which involves irregular and high activity in a short time. This is exactly the opposite type of sport that’s recommended to people with hearth diseases.

My own amateurish opinion is that you should NOT skydive. You can always ask your doctor and the instructors in the dropzone however.