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How To Choose a Parachute

how to choose the right parachute

The parachute is the most important and most expensive part of your skydiving equipment. So it is understandable that many visitors want more information about choosing a skydiving parachute.

Unfortunately there is very little advice about this except on our site. If you are a beginner, the best thing you can do is to ask your instructor what kind of parachute will be most appropriate for you.

What I can help with is some more information about the types of parachutes and their prices.

The most important characteristics of the parachutes are:

  • Area. It’s usually given in sqft. The “normal” areas can be from about 100 sqft to 280 sqft. The larger the area is, the higher weight it can serve. The smallest parachutes are appropriate only for people weighting less than 70kg/150 lbs.
  • Weight. It’s important because you may need to bring your parachute in a backpack.
  • Aspect ratio. Usually it’s 2.6:1 or 2.59:1.
  • Price. The prices of the new parachutes usually start from $2,000 and go up.

There are different types of parachutes and most of them can be used for skydiving jumps:

  • Military parachutes.
  • Main canopies which give flat guide and easy landings.
  • Reserve canopies – can be used together with the main ones.
  • Tandem parachutes – with wider area and more durable, suitable for tandem jumps.

Good reviews of skydiving parachutes are available here.