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Do You Need Your Own Equipment to Skydive?


Short answer: NO.

Long answer: If you plan to skydive regularly you’d better have your own equipment. It will cost you less long-term and it’s better to get used to particular equipment and jump with it each time. Learn more about equipment here.

But as already said, you don’t have to buy. Here are your options:

  • Rent it from the club. Most companies that offer parachute jumps will provide you with equipment – parachute, helmet, all that. Usually it will be for extra fee but some even have it included in the jump price anyway
  • Get equipment from a friend. If you have friends who skydive maybe they’ll agree to give you their equipment for a jump or two.

That’s it, pretty simple. If you decide to buy anyway and save money, check whether it’s a good idea to buy used equipment.