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10 Mobile Apps For Skydivers

mobile app for skydivers

Why mobile apps? Because you are travelling often and sometimes may not have your desktop PC or laptop with you.

Of course don’t forget web based apps too, I will have another post on them.

Our skydiving logbook is a web based app too, accessible from any device (with mobile versions coming soon).

Now, on to the list. Don’t be surprised that some of the apps are actually games – skydivers also like to play I guess.

App Store

1. Skydiver Game

A basic but fun game. The “secret” to continue with the paid versions seems to be known to everyone so it’s up to you whether you’d like to pay or not.

2. Canopy Calculator

This is a little useful calculator for Android. It will help you figure out required canopy size or wing load depending on your body weight and gear.

3. Skydive Planner

This excellent app is for iPhone users. It helps you plan 4-way skydives and has a timer function.

4. AFR Drop Zone – Extreme Skydiving

Here’s another iPhone game. You can jump, perform skydiving moves and drop at the drop zone. Most users seem to like the game a lot and it’s just $0.99.

5. Skydiver Drop Zone Free

Here is a free addictive game for Android. The site offers also versions for iPhone and iPad, and also a paid version which is more advanced.

6. Skydiver GPS

Using GPS connectiong this app records data about your parachute jump, analyses it and displays useful stats.

7. Skydive Mapper

This is a fun app for iPhone users. It will draw the route on the map showing how you have travelled in the air during your jump. The app is free.


The United States Parachute Association’s Skydiver’s Information Manual for Android. And it’s free.

9. Skydiver HD

Another game by YoYo Games for Android. It has very good user responses so it’s worth to have a look.

10. Skydiving Dictionary

This is an iPhone and iPod Touch dictionary with skydiving terms, slang, definitions and more. Just $0.99.

Anymore useful mobile apps for skydivers you know about?